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Envision it. Build it.

Welcome to J Development. We are Utah's boutique multifamily and commercial real estate developer. Reach out to us...we want to hear from you.

Utah's boutique multifamily and commercial developer.

Purposeful Development

Our envision it, build it, perspective provides in-depth market research into the best use cases for each of our real estate projects.

Consistent Cash Flow

Sophisticated analysis provides each J Development project with the necessary cash flow and return on investment for our capital partners and investors.

Long Term Perspective

Our team views each property as a long-term investment. The detail and finish level of assets is constructed with a goal of sustainability and longevity.

Real Estate Marketing

"It's not what you look at but what you see," is how the J Development team views each project. We are marketing oriented. Our focus is communicating our value proposition through effective messaging and technology channels.

The J Development Mission

We are a full-service real estate development firm which promises to do what we say we will do---on every project and with every customer. Our brand is seen in the people we hire, train, and motivate. They are the best at their professions and represent dependability and top job expertise, widely recognized by customers, partners, subcontractors, vendors, suppliers, and stakeholders.

The J Development team is committed to excellence and our vision of building sustainable and adaptive commercial multifamily designs. Our capacity to work with municipalities, industry leaders and partnerships, represents a reputation built on trust, integrity, quality, and professionalism.

We look forward to demonstrating how our expertise in multifamily and commercial real estate development can provide the best benefits for growth, sustainability, and return on investment, you are looking for in a partnership.


Joe Johnsen

J Development

Salt Lake City, Utah

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